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MacBook Over Heating problem Toronto

Are you experiencing overheating problem with your mac?

There are certain factors that can contribute to your Mac heating up. You might be running some applications that are CPU intensive, which will cause the CPU to overheat. This is Normal unless the system shuts down automatically.

Apples specs say for the internal operating temperature is 86° to 194° F (about 30° to 90°C). This might be slightly different depending on your MacBook model. There programs that monitor your Mac temperature and adjust it for you such as SMC Fan Control.

Sometimes the fan is dusty and there is a large buildup of lint in the fan's intake. Our Mac specialist will open your MacBook and clean up all the components for you.

At we will fix your overheating problem with software or hardware solutions. Your MAC diagnostics, analysis and quote are FREE! has a very high success rate at repairs and offers Hassel-Free warranty on all repairs. Click Here for our Locations